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A room for
your passion

Comfort… is what we look for in any space that we inhabit.
We feel good in places that are comfortable, functional and beautiful…
Quality is contagious, and being in spaces whose beauty also expresses an intrinsic design quality… gives us a sense of well-being.
Today, the tack-room can also be a place where we feel good.
There are cabinets for putting away saddles and tack, but also for keeping our clothes in a clean and safe place. We can stow our personal belongings and recharge our phones while we are riding. The saddle totem, used on its own or combined with the revolving door, improves the organisation of the riding-stables. And after riding we can clean and oil our saddle on a practical stand with a convenient table and sink. A changing area and a comfortable bench complete the amenities of the room. The materials used are in full harmony with nature, evoking the warm wood of the stables but also our home interiors, and the glass entry door connects the tack-room with the adjoining areas. The harmony of form, coherence of materials and practicality of function of the pieces make this a unique space.